Love On The Road

While driving my kids to school, I was struck by an overwhelming beauty.loveontheroad
A mischievous one indeed! Neither subtle nor appeasing, nothing of the kind.
There it stood, in the middle of nowhere, on a cold and misty morning –
shameless, insatiable, untidy.
Voluptuous and magnificent, throwing itself all over me,
sweeping me off my feet, laying me bare, unfettered –
An absolute delight!
You reckless beauty! You finished your job and went your way,
leaving me beside myself,
dazed and raptured amidst the shades of crimson and orange
laid all about me.
After some time, I sought to regain my consciousness.
Coyly trying to put back together the pieces of what was me,
all of which insisted in lying molten with the gilt leaves left in your wake,
I found my way back home.
A woman should have some modesty.

Thais Helena Ouzounian